A chance to see a little of Indonesia...


Paddy fields in Bali  

Bali - only 30 minutes flight from Surabaya and the location for a relaxing weekend after the courses.

Typical scenery of paddy fields and rolling hills.


Padang Bai is the port on the East coast from which the ferry to Lombok departs.

Colourful fishing boats line the beach and we snorkelled from one of these on an excellent local reef.


Fishing boats at Padang Bai
Cycling amongst paddies   Cycling among the paddy fields around Ubud. Steep hills combined with very high temperatures and humidity made this quite a challenge! Just under four hours was sufficient for all of us.

Borobudur, in south-east Java is the largest Buddhist monument in the world and is over 1200 years old. The setting among the hills is tranquil and beautiful. It is listed by some as one of the seven wonders of the world.

In each of these bell-like structures is a Buddha.

Chik Kaw at Borobudur

At last we could all relax knowing that courses and seminars were over.

We all hope that funding is secured to continue this valuable work, helping to progress clinical pharmacy in Indonesia.

National Orchid Gardens, Singapore



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Updated: 7 May 2004