A National Seminar: Clinical pharmacy towards rational prescribing and patient care
Sheraton Hotel, Surabaya, 16 February 2004

About 100 delegates attended a multi-disciplinary seminar held at the Sheraton Hotel, Surabaya. Keynote speeches were given by Dr Chik Kaw Tan, Dr David Scott and Drs Dwijo Sasono. During the afternoon, workshops were run on aspects of clinical pharmacy aimed at improving patient care and reducing medication errors.
Breaking the ice - Adji led singing!
  Delegates singing!
Keynote speech from Dr Tan   Dr Chik Kaw Tan delivering a keynote speech - 'Reducing medication errors - the role of clinical pharmacists'
Dr David Scott discussing 'Evidence based practice'
Keynote speech from Dr Scott
Drs Susuno, PIOLK staff and English visitors  

Drs. Dwidjo Sasono, who is Director of Community and Clinical Pharmacy at the Indonesian Ministry of Health
in Jakarta, was our Indonesian co-speaker at the national seminar.

He is pictured with the team from England and staff of PIOLK

Following the National Seminar we were accompanied for dinner by the Rector, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, and the Director of the Office of International Affairs of the University of Surabaya.
Dinner after the National Seminar

A visit to the Dr Saiful Anwar State Hospital in Malang
Aim: to promote the development of a clinical pharmacy service

This hospital in Malang is the second largest state hospital in East Java. East Java is the second most populous province in Indonesia, with a population of well over 30 million. Currently the hospital's pharmacists maintain a supply and manufacturing service but their ward/clinical service is not developed to the same extent as clinical services provided by pharmacists in the UK. The aim of this seminar was to promote a clinical pharmacy service with the objective of reducing inappropriate prescribing and medicine-related adverse effects.

Receiving a BNF   The hospital's Chief Executive receiving a BNF from Dr Chik Kaw Tan
Sue promoting the value of Drug Information to medical staff
Promoting Drug Information

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Updated: 7May 2004