British Council Higher Education Link visit to Indonesia 2004

On 5 February five UK pharmacists (Chik Kaw Tan, David Scott, Rachel Kenward, Rebecca Walters and Sue Banfield) left for Surabaya, Indonesia, for the sixth and final visit supported by a grant from the British Council, to teach and promote clinical pharmacy and drug information.

Surabaya is the capital of East Java, the second most populous province in Indonesia. The industrial city of Surabaya is second only to Jakarta in size and economic importance and has a population of between 4 to 5 million. The headquarters of the Indonesian Navy is situated here.

Indonesia is an archipelago of over 13,600 islands stretching 5000 km from the Asian mainland into the Pacific Ocean. It has a population of over 210 million comprising 350 ethnic groups who speak between them 600 languages and dialects!


University of Surabaya


At the University of Surabaya, the staff of PIOLK (Centre for Medicines Information and Pharmaceutical Care, CMIPC) were preparing to host the following:

Two parallel courses:
Fundamentals in Clinical Pharmacy II (to increase clinical pharmacy knowledge and skills to enable competency in prescription monitoring)
Fundamentals in Clinical Pharmacy IV (Evidence Based Medicine and Drug Information)

A National Seminar:
Towards rational prescribing and patient care

A visit to the Dr Saiful Anwar State Hospital in Malang to promote the development of a clinical pharmacy service

During the trip there were opportunities for exploring other parts of Indonesia.


Centre for Medicines Information and Pharmaceutical Care (CMIPC) or Pusat Informasi Obat dan Layanan Kefarmasian (PIOLK) was set up at the University of Surabaya.
The University of Surabaya (‘Ubaya’) is a private
university and one of the top rated Pharmacy Faculties in the country.

Mission statement of PIOLK: To promote the effective, safe, rational, and cost-effective use of medicines in the community.

PIOLKs new office

PIOLK currently comprises 5 departments: Medicines Information Centre, Indonesian Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (InCPPE), Dept of Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacy Practice Research Resource Centre, Health Education Unit.

Functions of PIOLK:

  • Centre of Excellence for Practice
  • Model Centre
  • Resource Centre
  • Training Centre

The staff had very recently moved into a new and spacious office.

Mr Adji Prajitno is the head of the Centre and has the support of several other staff.

Adji Frans Fauna
Betty Anita Yosi
Ellyana Lena  

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