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Whisky Cake

One box of sponge fingers
3 eggs
4oz caster sugar
¼ lb plain chocolate
¼ lb butter
2-3 tbsp whisky
Double cream to decorate
5-6 inch round tin with removable base

Cut about ¾ inch off enough sponge fingers to go round the inside of the tin, then rub their edges in butter and also lightly butter the inside of the tin.

Place the sponge fingers upright around the inside of the tin.

Cream the butter and sugar.

Separate the eggs.

Beat the yolks and fold into the butter and sugar mixture.

Chop up chocolate and melt it in a bowl (microwave, or simply place over a pan of hot water), then add to the mixture.

Gradually add the whisky to the mixture, avoiding curdling.

Beat the egg whites and fold in to the mixture.

Add the mixture to the tin after removing any excess butter from the inside of the fingers.

Refrigerate until set.

Before serving, scrape off any butter stuck to the outside of the fingers, whip the double cream and use as decoration or / and accompaniment.

This pudding can be made with or without whisky or other flavouring.  Best made at least 24 hours in advance to enable the flavour to permeate the sponge fingers.  For double quantity use an 8-inch cake tin and don’t trim the fingers so much (one box of fingers should still be adequate).  Or use 1.5 x quantity of filling to make it a bit fuller.

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