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Lime Marmalade

sugar - double weight of limes
water - approx 3 pints (for 1½ lb limes)

1)   Wash wax off limes and cut off stem end.  Put in saucepan of water -
with tightly fitting lid and simmer for 1½ -2 hrs until fruit is very soft.

2)   Use hand blender to bring fruit to texture required.  VERY CAREFULLY!

3)   Add sugar stirring all the time until completely dissolved.  Bring back
to boil and continue boiling rapidly until setting point is reached.

4)   Leave to cool for approx 15 mins stirring occasionally to prevent
sticking, whilst sterilising jars in microwave (1/2 fill with water and bring to the boil). 
Fill jars and cover straight away.

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