Pyrenean Haute Route - July to September 2004 and GR10 - June to August 2013

Initial report on 2004 trip and some photos (more later!). A brilliant trip. Transcript of our postcards here.

Follow our 2004 progress by clicking this link. See below for an explanation.

The start date was 25 July 2004, when we flew to Biarritz to embark on the 45 stage route - we adapted some of the stages, and including rest days took about 56 days.

We traversed about 500 miles from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean - where we reached Banyuls-sur-Mer in September. View the outline of the route.

I've left the 2004 stuff 'on file' below (in green).

Our 2013 choice of route is GR10, on the French side, and this time we blogged our way across, here.

Our planned itinerary is here.

I'll try to do something more useful with this page later in the year!

You can find out more about the route from:

Alto Aragon. This company provide guided treks on the High Level Route.

A US perspective of the route

More folks who set out alone...

For those who may be interested, here's our kit list.

The link referred to above is to a two page spreadsheet. To view the sheet you will need to scroll from left to right and up and down.
The first page 'Planned' sets out our rough plan. This is flexible apart from the need to be in Gavarnie on August 16 to meet Julie Brown. Otherwise we do not expect to stick religiously to either the route or the timings due to weather and other constraints, though we do hope to catch a flight home from Perpignan on 21 September!
The second page (click on 'Actual' at the bottom left of the screen) will (from time to time, we hope) be updated by our webmasters and will give a brief flavour of our progress across the Pyrenees.

If you want to know about the weather, at the start of the trip we will be in the vicinity of Biarritz weather, and towards the end we will approach Perpignan's more Mediterranean airs.


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