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Thursday 18 October 2007 (and previously on Thursday 1 April 2004)


Evening walk from Old Glossop - starting 7.00 pm.  

Here are details of the proposed route and a map. 
We should be back at The Bull's Head by 8.30 pm, for a meal there or nearby. Hope you can make it.  A torch may be helpful.

Call us on 07968 122170 if you are coming but running late.  


Martin and Sue

Route Summary
Park in CP opposite the Wheatsheaf in Old Glossop.
Climb up the hill, Dunne Lane, between The Bull's Head and a house. At top of hill turn second right at x-roads into Bute St. At the hospital entrance, bear right onto a track. With the hospital on the left, reach a gate to a private road. Pass through this and continue along the track past 2 bungalows and below reservoir embankment. Then go through the iron turnstile and keep straight on, with the plantation on the right. At the top edge of the first plantation take a ladder stile on the left, and follow the grassy track with cow pats to Higher Blackshaw Farm. Keeping the farm on the right, go through the stile and along a farm track to the Woodhead Road. Turn left and immediately past Windy Harbour Farm on the right, take a diagonal footpath SW towards Little Padfield. [*At bottom of hill keep wall on left to field corner. Ignore stile and turn down beside wall to Little Padfield Farm. Turn left and follow road down. Opposite a stile on the right take a track past stone house on the right. Continue over stiles towards cemetery (may need to go by a gateway on the right). Near the top of the hill bear right towards wire fence and gain cemetery drive by a big stone stile.] Turn right, then left at main road. Cross over. After a short way, where railing/hedge pattern changes at the edge of playing fields, take path to the right (easier at first to go in the playing fields, the path is overgrown). Turn left at a stile into a field and continue over more stiles to turn right at a track. This becomes Bexley Close. Turn left into Heath Road, and left into Bowden Rd at the next junction (past a yellow salt container). After the last house on the left (no 12) turn left onto narrow footpath. Follow round to the Woodhead Road. Opposite here is a final footpath down to a lane that leads back into Old Glossop.

* NB On 18/10/07, in the dark, we got misplaced here and (having forgotten a compass) simply headed up from a stile, over boggy ground, to the cemetery wall. This was easily breached and the route was rejoined via the cemetery, thus diverging from the [ ] description.

1 (SK 042 947) Car Park opposite The Wheatsheaf - 7pm
1 -> 1 (3.44 Miles) See route description
1 (SK 042 947) The Bull’s Head – about 8.30pm

Walking route from Old Glossop to Blackshaw Farm, Little Padfield and back to Old Glossop


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