Filitheyo, Maldives 2005

Six of us spent a week in Feb/March diving from Filitheyo, on north nilandhe atoll. The temperature during the day was around 32 degrees in the shade and the water temperature between 26 and 28 degrees. Diving was a mixture of shore and boat dives. The images below were taken by Charlie and Fiona.
Thanks to Regaldive for their excellent recommendation.

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Maldivian air taxi
Maldivian air taxi at Filitheyo International Airport!
Filitheyo island
Water bungalows & Sunset Bar, Filitheyo
Palm-fringed paths
Shady paths cross the island

The team!
Philippa, Fiona, Sue, Graham, Charlie
Fiona & Charlie
Fiona & Charlie on a dhoni








Manta overhead!
Manta ray
Manta ray with ramoras beneath
Manta underside







Manta feeding Coming in for cleaning
Mantas up to 4m across visit these cleaning stations.
Huge gills







Moray eel
Moray eel. Found in holes during the day, we saw them hunting on night dives.
Eel with some sharp teeth Regal angelfish
Regal angelfish with starfish








Stingray about 1.5m wide
Yellow featherworms
Featherworms. These are only around 1cm wide.








Clownfish on anemone
Clownfish on an unusual anemone
Clownfish on anemone
This anemone looked royal blue - the flash has turned it pink
Red anemone & clownfish
This beautiful red anemone was around 19m when diving from entry 4 to exit 3 around Filitheyo








Porcupine pufferfish
Porcupine pufferfish
Scribbled filefish
Scribbled filefish - these were seen nibbling the tops of gorgonian fans







Hermit crab
Hermit crab
Reef shark
Reef shark on sand around 25m







Soft coral
Soft corals
Soft coral Pyjama nudibranch
Pyjama nudibranch around 2cm long







Multiple lobsters

Lots of lobsters in a cave
(Filitheyo entry 4 to exit 3)

Fiona studying something!