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Kettleshulme circuit
A route suitable for a half day outing, longer if you dawdle. In summer it may well be worthwhile taking a break to admire the gardens at Dunge Farm. Timings are based on Naismith's formula - 5 kph, plus an hour for each 600 metres of ascent.

We walked this route on 27 March 2009. For our blog report, click here.

             LOCATION      HEIGHT     DIST       ASCT     EST TIME
             OS Grid         Metres       Km          Metres   

1             SJ 988 797               250            
Bull's Head
1->2                                     2.57         158          47 mins
Start from the Bull's Head, or the Swan Inn down the road.  Parking is also available down Paddock Lane (opposite the Bulls Head) - follow the road round at the bottom of the hill and parking is on the RHS.  Walk up the hill from the pub, turn immediately L into Flatts Lane, go down the hill and just before a stream turn R to Bent Hall Farm.  Follow the track to the next farm, before which go over a stone stile to the L of the buildings and drop down to cross a stream and stile.  Then walk up the hill, following pylons and keeping by the hedge.  Keep on in the same direction, turning L then R to reach a road. Cross over and head up a field to a ladder stile in the far wall.  [Optional - beyond this stile a path descends to a good viewpoint over the Goyt Valley.] From the stile go R along Taxal Edge, beside a wall, to reach a house on the R with a corner of wood ahead.  Turn R down the road past the house to reach Fivelane-ends.
2             SJ 992 787               350            
2->3                                     3.46         126          54 mins
Keep ahead (S) along a 'No Through Road' towards Dunge Farm. By Tunstead Knoll Farm cross a cattle grid, go ahead again, then finally through a gate and to the R of a house and its garden (Dunge Farm - the gardens may be worth a visit in summer, but you'll need to buy a ticket).  Cross a brook here via a stone slab, then go through a gate and bear L to a stile.  Keep alongside the stream and make for a substantial barn, with a stile behind it.  Continue to a stile to the L of Green Stack.  Drop down to the farm road, turn R to some flags, then after 15 metres veer L off the track, following a wall then heading S over marshy grass.  Keep slightly L to a stile above the top of a wall ahead, then cross another stile to reach road and turn R.
Turn 1st L over a stile by a gate, to continue down track to Howlers Knowl.  Go through gate and turn R past buildings.  Exit through another gate before turning R through an opening to walk down the track to Saltersford Hall, a farm. (1595 - Stopford family.  Jenkins Chapel is nearby - 1st burial was Richard Turner in 1748.)
3             SJ 983 763               305            
Saltersford Hall
3->4                                     2.70         111          44 mins
Turn L then R over a stile by a gate, and continue down a grassy track and over a field, walking parallel to the stream, which is crossed at a bridge after which turn R past a barn.  Continue down the valley towards a white house - Burton Springs Farm - to the R of which a lane is reached by keeping to the R of a pond. Turn L up the road/track then at the end of a plantation turn R over a stile along a grassy track (N).  Keep along the wall of the exposed field to a stile, then turn L alongside a wall to reach a high point with views over Greater Manchester.  Keep in the same direction, briefly, then bear R down to Moss Brook, following it through reed grass until crossing and going over another stile.  Cross a tributary, then climb to walk along the wall, over marshy ground between two stiles.  Go over the R stile and continue down a boggy field to the R of the farm to reach the main road.
4             SJ 967 778               294            
Main Road
4->1                                     3.84         148          1 hr, 1 min
Cross road and climb stile ahead, walking over field to turn R (NNE) down an ancient green lane, wet, grassy and a bit overgrown, to cross Black Brook before continuing up the green lane.  Go over a stile and turn R along a grassy track to a junction.  Bear slightly R, cross a stream, and follow wet ground along the side of a field.  Drop back down to the green lane and cross 2 stiles to reach the main road again.  Cross over and go up the track opposite as far as Charles Head Farm (1764, black post box).  Pass the buildings then turn R then L down a stone path to a stile, dropping into the valley past a barn.  Cross Todd Brook by a footbridge and follow a grassy track over marshy ground to a gate.  Turn L along the farm track, passing Martin Stud (1752) then Thorneycroft Farm (1693) to reach the road.  Turn L to return to the Bull's Head.
1             SJ 988 797               250            
Bull's Head

Total trip                                 12.57       543          3 hrs, 25 mins  

A Kettlehulme circuit

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