Monday 21 July 2003: Bonnacossa Way

Martin's report:

Another nice day. We chose the Bonacossa Way, our usual 'Day 1' walk. Even Melinda (this was the only time she joined us) managed to get up to Fondo Savio refuge where (tradition dictated) we imbibed their excellent apple strudel. This had the following effect on some people....!

Nick 'resting his eyes'

Melinda and Julia returned to Misurina, while the rest of us did the non-VF section before lunching at a col and splitting into 2 groups. Surprise! 'I don't do VFs' David decides to do the route.

Bonnacossa Way team



He borrows some kit and joins us on this easy section. The others descend to Misurina and find a bar in which to watch the 'crux' (a half hour period) of the Tour de France, in which Armstrong falls but recovers to defeat his main rival. Meanwhile, at the top of the VF the weather changes and we get wet. Dave and I are behind and briefly lose sight of the others. Over the brow, and why are Sue and Catherine cowering like frightened rabbits? Answer: They are not looking for Edelweiss (prolific in this spot) but have been hit by a ‘streamer’ and are a bit scared! The storm moves off, everyone is OK; we eventually join the others in the bar and head off later to a suitable restaurant in Cortina.

Via Ferrata on the Bonnacossa Way

Devil's claw

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