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Wednesday 29 September 2004


Evening walk from the car park in Simon's Lane above Frodsham - starting 7.30 pm. 

Here are details of the proposed route and a map.† The walk should take less than 2 hours, and there's a good selection of pubs in Frodsham to adjourn to.
Call us on 07968 122170 if you are coming but running late.  


Martin and Sue

Beacon Hill circuit

Route Summary
1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 1


1 (SJ 518 766) Start at the small car park in Simon's Lane. This used to be the starting point of the Sandstone Trail, but Frodsham cottoned on to this and the Trail now starts in Frodsham centre.

1 -> 2 (2.72 Km) Turn right out of the car park and after a few yards go left across the golf course. Enter trees above the deep depression of Dunsdale Hollow, turn left down 'Jacob's Ladder' before crossing the back of the hollow and rising over a second rocky step. Continue along the edge of the trees, golf course on the left, then with trees on both sides. Just before a rock platform on the right bear left over Woodhouse Hill, where there are remains of an Iron Age hill fort (first century BC).
At the edge of the woods bear right keeping fields on the left, until you can turn right onto a distinct sandy path overhung by trees. Lower down the path joins a sunken lane with high banks on both sides.

2 (SJ 510 748)

2 -> 3 (1.13 Km) Leave the Sandstone Trail by turning left into a small field just before a large pond and caravan site. Cross the field and after a short track on the right bear left to follow a pleasant little valley. Follow this until it narrows and rise up to Manley Road. Cross the road and follow the lane opposite.

3 (SJ 520 744)

3 -> 1 (2.55 Km) Bear left at the top of the rise and after some distance turn left again onto a sandy track which runs behind Harrol Edge. At a crossroads turn left and descend to Shepherds Houses on Manley Road. Turn right and follow the road for 150m before bearing left over a stile in the hedge. Go half right through the field and cross a farm track by way of two ladder stiles. An enclosed footpath now takes you beside the golf course to emerge in Simon's Lane, where a left turn returns you to your car.

1 (SJ 518 766) Car Park in Simonís Lane.

Overview of 4 mile route


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