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Thursday 6 May 2004


Evening walk from Arnside - starting 7.30 pm. 

Here are details of the proposed route and a map.  Mostly in daylight but a torch may be helpful.
Call us on 07968 122170 if you are coming but running late.  


Martin and Sue

Around the shore from Arnside to Far Arnside, returning over Arnside Knott

Route Summary
1 -> 2 -> 1

A good evening stroll around the coast from Arnside to Far Arnside, returning over Arnside Knott.


1 (SD 453 786) The end of the promenade at Arnside - 7.30pm.

1 -> 2 (6.12 Km) The concreted walkway leads up steps to a narrow Nature Reserve with pictures of local flora and fauna. Before reaching the bay at New Barns note fossil coral (like tiny polo mints) and fossil brachiopods in the rocks - Gigantoproductus - a fossil bivalve which looks like half a tennis ball protruding from the rock. Some rocks glisten with myriads of calcite crystals.
Don't take a short cut across the bay (deep) - cross the creek by a bridge and regain the shore by New Barns cottages. Soon reach a little quarry and if the tide is high take the cliff top path. Otherwise keep to the base of the crag at the edge of the sand.
Note good fossil corals and fossil burrows (worm tracks) in the roof of an overhang at head height.
The cliff ends at a spit of limestone, Blackstone Point, a landing spot for ships when the Kent Estuary was used for commercial shipping.
Round the point to the attractive White Creek bay. Woods conceal a nearby caravan site. Cross the edge of the pebble beach and join a path which rises to join a major path at a sign 'White Creek - Far Arnside'. Turn right along this and enjoy half a mile of wonderful cliff top path, with extensive views.
The path rises through a lush patch of wild daffodils to join a higher track. Turn right through a well hidden caravan site to a tarmac lane at the cottages of Far Arnside.
After 100m take a signed path left to join another track at Hollins Farm.
The Knott is well visible on the left and the path rises gently diagonally right from the farm to enter woods and the NT area at a junction. There is an easy way back to Arnside by turning left here, but it is more rewarding to continue on upwards on a sinuous path, rising past a conveniently placed seat with extensive views, through a scattering of windblown yews to a leveling where the path arrives on a shoulder.
Keep to the crest of the hill, on the main path, noting the knotted tree - one of a pair which were knotted in Victorian times and became a landmark of Arnside Knott. Now one has gone and the other is dead, unlikely to survive many more winters.
Proceed to the nearby summit trig point.

2 (SD 456 774) Arnside Knott

2 -> 1 (1.98 Km) From Arnside Knott (160m) return to the knotted tree and descend a steep path past it. Go over a stile and cross a field to join the road from the car park. The large building ahead is Grange Hill Convalescent Home.
Turn right along the lane and descend into the village. At a bend in the road a footpath is signed leading back to the shore. Take that, or continue along the road a further 100m before taking a footpath left to the shore not far from the end of the promenade.

1 (SD 453 786) Arnside Promenade.

Map of walking route from Arnside to Far Arnside, returning over Arnside Knott


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