A short circuit from Leighton Moss


1             SD 476 750              
Leighton Moss RSPB.  Reached via M6 Jnc 35 (Carnforth exit).  At the end of the dual carriageway turn R up the A6 towards Milnthorpe.  Take 1st L after ½ a mile down a narrow lane that emerges at a T-jnc in Warton.  Go L here and at the end of the village turn R towards Silverdale (don’t go to Carnforth).  The twisty road leads eventually over a level x-ing after which turn R then after a few yards R again to reach Leighton Moss RSPB.
1->2                                          0.44 km
A footpath from the back of the visitor centre leads back to a path beside the road continuing in the direction beyond which you arrived.  Emerge onto the road, soon after which an optional short diversion leads R to a hide in the reserve.  Our route continues for a few yards before turning L over a stile up a path through the golf course. 
2             SD 480 753             
2->3                                          0.72 km
Follow the posts and the signs to Red Bridge.  After leaving the golf course turn L down an unsurfaced lane then go L down a narrow path to cross the railway and ascend to reach a road.
3             SD 475 758             
3->4                                          0.43 km
Turn R down the road and continue to a junction where you go L towards Silverdale.
4             SD 473 759
4->5                                          1.79 km
Turn 1st L down a narrow lane and look out for a footpath sign L which seems to go into someone’s garden!  Follow this to the L of the garden and pass a well before emerging at a road where you go L before very soon taking a path R through woods/field/woods to join another road where you go L then R to reach the outskirts of Silverdale.                          
5             SD 466 748             
5->6                                          0.62 km
Take the first path on the L – go down the wider right hand path – this takes you through more woods to pass Woodwell – another well that you can see below to your right.
6             SD 465 743             
6->7                                          0.82 km
Continue on the high path to reach a road where a R turn takes you to Wolf House Gallery – just over an hour from the start – open 11am to 4pm on NYD.
From here continue round the road to the R, and take the 1st R lane/path.
7             SD 463 743             
7->8                                          0.72 km
Pass houses and take the 1st path L which leads towards Silverdale.  On reaching a private lane turn left down it to rejoin the road from the gallery.  Turn R along here for a few yards, taking the 1st L down narrow paths to join the road leading to Silverdale Beach.  Turn L to reach the beach.
8             SD 458 748             
8->9                                          0.81 km
Walk along the beach, leaving it to the R of a conspicuous cave.
9             SD 456 755             
9->10                                        0.23 km
Walk along the road to reach a more main road where you turn R.
10           SD 457 757             
10->11                                      1.67 km
Take the 1st path to the L towards Elmslack. Enter woods by a bench and continue along the bottom of Eaves Wood until you eventually reach a road at Waterslack.
11           SD 471 763             
11->4                                        0.62 km
Turn R along the road to reach the junction that you should recognise from earlier.
4             SD 473 759             
4->3                                          0.43 km
Turn L along the road and just past some houses go L down this morning’s path across the railway.
3             SD 475 758             
3->2                                          0.72 km
After x-ing the railway turn R at the first opportunity then R again to reach the stile to get onto the golf course, which is crossed to reach the road near the RSPB Visitor Centre.
2             SD 480 753             
2->1                                          0.44 km
Turn R and return along the path beside the road as soon as you reach it.
1             SD 476 750             
Name: Leighton Moss RSPB
Total trip                                  10.45 kilometres  

  Silverdale Route


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