Meall Glas and Sgiath Chuil



                                                  LOCATION   HEIGHT     DIST         ASCT                EST TIME

                                                  OS Grid        Metres       Km           Metres              

1 Parking near Auchessan            NN 449 276     163         

1->2                                                                                 5.52          812                    3 hrs, 0 mins

Park by the A85 east of the private road to Auchessan. 
Walk down the private road and take the track behind the house on the east side of the stream flowing from Creag nan Uan. 
The track ends on high ground.  Head slightly W of N over rough featureless moorland, heading for the col just E of Meall Glas. 
The summit is a short distance W.

2 Meall Glas                                NN 431 322     952         

2->3                                                                                 1.50          98                      34 mins

Return E along the broad ridge, passing a large cairn at Pt 908, turning NE there to reach Beinn Cheathaich.

3 Beinn Cheathaich                      NN 444 326     926         

3->4                                                                                 2.06          303                    1 hr, 7 mins

Go N for a short distance before descending E, avoiding the steep direct descent E from the summit. 
Easy grassy slopes lower down lead to the wide peaty col at the head of Allt Riobain. 
Ascend directly up the west face of Meall a' Churain.

4 Meall a' Churain                        NN 462 325     909         

4->5                                                                                 0.70          40                      15 mins

Turn S along the level ridge to Sgaith Chuil. 
The summit cairn is right at the edge of the crag which looks prominent from below.

5 Sgiath Chuil                              NN 462 318     910         

5->1                                                                                 5.09          21                      1 hr, 19 mins

Descend SW (maybe briefly S to avoid crags) towards Allt Riobain and follow that for 1km before bearing away SW
below Creag nan Uan to rejoin the uphill route.

1 Parking near Auchessan            NN 449 276     163         

Total trip                                                                         14.86         1,274                 6 hrs, 16 mins     

Timings based on 4 kph, add an hour for each 500 metres ascent