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Wednesday 22 June 2005 and Tuesday 22 June 2010


Evening walk - starting 7.30 pm at Raven's Lodge (SD 461 853) for a 6 mile summer's stroll in the South Lakes. 

Here are details of the route and a map.
Call us on 07968 122170 if you are coming but running late.  


Martin and Sue

Whitbarrow East and Lord's Seat

To get to the start, leave the M6 at junction 36 and take the A591 towards Kendal. After 4 miles go left
down the A590 towards Barrow and shortly after passing a turn to the right (A5074 to Bowness and
Windermere) take the next indicated unnamed turning on the right, heading towards the steep slopes of
White Scar. After a left bend go 500m before turning right to Raven's Lodge Farm. Bear right behind
the farm and park just beyond on the left.
Allow up to an hour and a half for traveling by car from Manchester.


1 SD 461 853 Height - 10 metres - Raven's Lodge
1->2 - 4.79km, 263 metres ascent, 1 hr, 24 mins
Set off NNE on the continuation of the lane, soon reaching Rawson's Farm. Go between the unoccupied buildings
and turn left past an occupied house to reach a path leading up a narrow valley. Proceed on a rising zigzag path
to join a forest track at a yellow waymark.
Turn right into Watsons Wood (woodpeckers, orchids, badgers). At a Y junction take the left fork
(the main track to the right leads only to a forestry work area)for about 1.5km before going straight on across
another track.
Continue around to the right then very soon turn left.
The track narrows to a path and begins to rise.
Continue along the route, following yellow waymarks, taking the right fork where the path diverges either
side of a large tree. Continue towards the valley of Gillbirks for 150m. Turn left at a junction where a gate leads
up another track and rise gradually at first (badgers) but then more steeply, eventually reaching a
T-junction where the path to the right rises to an open glade and the boundary wall of the English Nature
National Nature Reserve.
Cross the stile and turn left along the summit plateau beside a low scar before rising right to the prominent
cairn on Lord's Seat.

2 SD 441 870 Height - 215 metres - Lord's Seat
2->1 - 4.02km, 45 metres ascent, 53 mins
Continue SSE keeping to the crest of the ridge past various cairns. At its end pass between 2 small cairns
to descend and bear left to another marker cairn. Continue in the same direction before rising to a big
cairn at 198m. Note the position of the next cairn ahead. The path narrows as it goes into a depression.
At the lowest point it angles slightly right and climbs stony ground to reach the cairn. Continue on along
a grassy path over a small rise keeping on the broad green path. After a while bear right (ignore small
path to the left) to descend, gently at first, across an open expanse of heather and bracken. At path
junctions go straight ahead and downhill before plunging into a wood and, after 100m, reaching a wall
with a gap.
Go through the gap, then left for 10m, then left again through another gap in the wall to a narrow path by
an iron fence. Ignore paths descending to the right and keep on the path which traverses the wooded
slope. Pass an area of scree where the scar can be seen above to the left, and descend to a wider
path. Turn left and pass a seat (good views towards Arnside) and soon emerge from the woodland to the
bedding plane of the old quarry floor. Go down the potentially slippery limestone path past semi ruined
buildings to Raven's Lodge and the start.

1 SD 461 853 Height - 10 metres - Raven's Lodge

Total trip 8.81km 308m ascent 2 hrs, 16 mins

The distance is the flat length to the next Waypoint. Naismith's calculation is based on 5.00 Km/hour
and 600 Metres ascent adds an hour.

This route is based on walk number 55 in Aileen and Brian Evansí book: Short Walks in Lakeland Book 1

Route Profile:


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