Date Start Finish Hours Lodging
Sun 25 July Manchester Hendaye-Plage Alturan campsite
Arrived at Hendaye-Plage at 3:30, lovely sunny day.
Mon 26 July Hendaye-Plage Biriatou 1.75 Tranquil hamlet

Short hot walk to tranquil hamlet.

Tues 27 July Luxury hotel Col de Lizuniaga 7.25 Camping on lawn by bar Green and pleasant except for tourist hubs.
Wed 28 July Dewy lawn Dancharia 7.75 Campsite
Cloud inversion then hot and sunny on good tracks. Nice quiet campsite.
Thurs 29 July Damp campsite Bidarray 8 Gite D'etape Wet morning, steamy afternoon, rocky descent.
Frid 30 July Gite Col D'ispeguy 7.25 Wild camp Superb ridge walk, cloudless afternoon, camp at 685 metres. Good views.
Sat 31 July Camp with veiw Col De Mizpira 8 Very wild camp Scorching but welcome beech woods and long stop (not in timing) in Les Aldudes.
Sun 1 Aug Very wild camp Col D'orgambide 9.75 Wild camp Long hot day. Storm at camp at 1035 metres.
Mon 2 Aug Cowbell camp NR Bagargui Col 11.50 Campsite Superb mountain day with inversion and peaks.
Tues 3 Aug Midge zone Col D'Uthu, 1660m 10.30 Wild camp Ascent of Pic D'Orhy (high point to date-2017m) and misty ridge.
Wed 4 Aug Windswept col La Pierre-St-Martin 8 Refuge Bad weather foils bid to reach Lescun.
Thurs 5 Aug   Refuge Well earned rest day in nice refuge.
Frid 6 Aug Refuge Jeandel Lac D'Ansabere 10 Wild camp Wonderful Mountain day and idyllic campsite.All sorts of terrain.
Sat 7 Aug Silent camp Refuge D'Arlet 7 Wild camp Beautiful contouring paths avoiding storms.Leisurely afternoon in sun.
Sun 8 Aug Lakeside camp Candanchu 7.50 Hotel!! Another great day with eagles soaring above.First bath for 2 weeks!
Mon 9 Aug Hotel with hot bath Refuge du Pombie 7.20 Wild camp Fresh Breeze for good walking, with lakes and marmots.
Tues 10 Aug Camp by hut near Larribet Hut 10.50 Wild camp Difficult terrain, navigation error, snowfields, challenging.
Wed 11 Aug Cold camp Wallon Hut 10 Wild camp Brilliant clear day, glissade down from high point 2706 metres.
Thurs 12 Aug Flat camp Cauterets 4.3 Campsite Lovely morning walk down beautiful valley.
Frid 13 Aug Crowded campsite Lac des Oulettes D'estom Soubiran 7.50 Wild camp Superb 1500 metre ascent of Valley du Lutour.
Sat 14 Aug Lake with long name Gavarnie 10 Campsite Great views of Vignemale, some scrambling.
Sun 15 Aug Gavarnie Gavarnie 10.25 Campsite Classic ascent of Le Taillon (3144m) via cirque and Breche de Roland.
Mon 16 Aug     Campsite Campsite with view all day. Classic rest day. Julie arrives with lots of luggage.
Tues 17 Aug Gavarnie Heas 8.25 Campsite Very slow walk in atrocious weather.
Wed 18 Aug Free camp Barroude 6.30 Wild camp Cool, cloudy day high in mountains.
Thurs 19 Aug Windy camp Bielsa 6.25 Hostel Nice morning going downhill, then a rainy road.
Frid 20 Aug Nice hostel Camping Forcallo, nr Viados 9.50 Campsite Lovely weather for a walk in Spain south of GR11
Sat 21 Aug Barking dog camp Lac des Isclots 9.50 Wild camp Back to a typical day in beautiful but cool weather
Sun 22 Aug Green lake OO (a vilage) 11.25 Hotel Excellent alpine day with glacier, boulders and 2000m descent
Mon 23 Aug Attentive hotel Luchon 2.75 Campsite Woodland walk, then campsite & stocking up chores, plus halftime celebrations in storms
Tues 24 Aug Luchon Luchon Half term holiday in poor weather
Wed 25 Aug laundry camp Refuge De Venasque 7 Refuge Easy 1800 metre ascent in nice surroundings and weather.
Thurs 26 Aug Snore Zone Upper Mulieres Lake 10.25 Wild camp Fantastic day with 3000 metre peak and epic finish above Hosp de Viella.
Frid 27 Aug Idyllic camp nr Collado Retany De Mar 8.5 Wild camp Superb weather continues, Julie leaves (tired), lovely camp by lakes.
Sat 28 Aug Orchid camp lake near Refugi De Colomers 8.2 Wild camp Journey continues through magnificent high plateaus with lakes.
Sun 29 Aug Relaxing camp Salarou 3.7 Hotel Nice morning descent through pine forest.
Mon 30 Aug Hotel Deth Pais below Col D'airoto 7.5 Wild camp Successful haul of a weeks provisions up a nice hill.
Tues 31 Aug Silent foggy camp Lakelet at 2070m 4hrs before Rif Pujol 9 Wild camp A tough day with huge boulders, steep grass, no paths, very hot.
Wed 1 Sept Bilberry camp Camping Masia-Noarre 8.25 Campsite Long leisurely day in varied scenery, with frogs.
Thurs 2 Sept Well lit camp Upper Romedo Lake 8 Wild camp Cloud foils bid to climb Pic de Certascan, so we continue east in cool weather.
Frid 3 Sept Rainbow camp Estany De Sottlo 9 Wild camp Rough descent by waterfalls, then long climb in cloudy weather to idyllic campsite.
Sat 4 Sept Scenic camp Etang De La Soucarrane 5.7 Wild camp Leisurely hike in fine scenery under a hot hazy sun.
Sun 5 Sept Fishermans camp El Serrat 6 Hotel Tristiana Into Andorra at last for beer and a ski resort lunch (supplies low, no shops here)
Mon 6 Sept Empty hotel D'incles Valley 9 Campsite Another good but hard days walk.
Tues 7 Sept Stream camp Soldeu 0.4 Hotel Soldeu Short walk to town for well earned rest.
Wed 8 Sept English hotel Col Du Puymorens 7.25 Hotel Good walk on good paths in sun, blighted by a nasty ski resort (El Pas De La Casa).
Thurs 9 Sept Fawlty Towers Les Bouillouses 9 Refuge Splendid ascent of Pic Carlit (2921 metres). Hot, sunny, hazy.
Frid 10 Sept Friendly Refuge Eyne Valley 8.7 Wild camp A morning of lakes and pines, then a high plateau (fields!) before a fine ascent through trees LOL M&S.
Sat 11 Sept River Camp Ull De Ter 7 Refuge Fine ridge walk - like Lake District but metres not feet.
Sun 12 Sept Spanish Refuge Marialles 7.4 Refuge High level contouring, dodging the mist.
Mon 13 Sept Convivial Refuge Batere Mines 10.2 Gite Lovely scramble up Canigou (2784 metres) before a 4 hour contouring path.
Tues 14 Sept Gite in cloud Amelie-Les-Bains 4.2 Hotel Foggy descent mainly on deserted dirt roads.
Wed 15 Sept Hotel Jeanne d'Arc Las Illas 8.7 Gite Long walk through forests partly in cloud
Thurs 16 Sept Homely Gite Col de L'Ouillat 7.3 Camp by gite More trees & blackberry lanes as we go east in fine weather
Frid 17 Sept Camp fortunate Banyuls-sur-mer 9.0 Campsite Fabulous long walk in brilliant weather to a big cold salty bath-FINISHED!
Sat 18 Sept    
Sun 19 Sept    
Mon 20 Sept
Tues 21 Sept Perpignan- FR937 5pm